“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” ~ Benjamin Franklin

While I cannot help with your taxes, I offer you my expertise and support in

  • end-of-life planning,
  • facing a palliative diagnosis, yours or a loved one’s,
  • existential fears and phobias of death and dying,
  • MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying) exploration and planning,
  • pet euthanasia,
  • having difficult conversations around the topic of death, and
  • advance care planning.

Death and dying are taboo subjects in many cultures. We value youth and health, while trying to turn back the clock and denying the reality of death. We use euphemisms as if dead is a four-letter word. Passed away, expired, departed, six feet under, called to the angels, bought the farm, bit the dust, no longer with us, lost the battle with cancer, kicked the bucket, entered the pearly gates, and, my personal favourite, peaced out, are just a few.

Death is a painful reality of life. Humour and irreverence can distract you from this pain, but the only way to really accept death is to acknowledge, explore, and accept all that the reality of death and dying brings.

While death is a reality, dying is a physical process that only takes place during the very last chapter of your life. Until the moment of your physical death, you are alive and living. I can support you to live the life you desire until you die.

The journey through life when you are just contemplating death or facing imminent death can be painful, overwhelming, and lonely. You do not have to be alone in your journey.

Loving and caring for someone who is facing death has its own challenges and blessings. Learning to navigate the challenges and appreciate the blessings often facilitates a less complicated grief process before and after the death. Working with thousands of individuals and families facing similar experiences has given me the compassion, expertise, and ability to offer these to my clients in private practice.

You don't have to face the reality of death alone, I invite you to call me at 647.554.4764 to discuss life and death.